The transformations of our region would not have been possible without the greatest wealth of this region – people who live here and are accustomed to hard and responsible work, open to new challenges.

The Opolskie Province, is the region with a wealth of traditions and harmonious cooperation of diverse cultures – Polish, Czech and German. Inhabitants of the region are open to international contacts and exchange of experience. Most of them work in the European Union countries, mainly in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium. These contacts bring labour culture and standards of other countries to the local market. It influences skills improvement in the region and provides an excellent knowledge of EU employers. After their return, these people create new workplaces and strengthen SMEs by using their rich experience from the European labour market. The increasing level of personnel skills is one of the factors which stimulate the economic development of the Opolskie Province. The main academic centre of the region is Opole with 30.000 students. They constitute one-third of the Opole inhabitants.

Opole is an educational centre. There is Opole University – the greatest and most prestigious academic institution, and the Opole University of Technology – a technical higher school, from which graduates in construction, automatics and robotics, electrical engineering and telecommunication, IT, mechanics and machines construction originate.There are courses in German and English.Opole off ers the following higher education opportunities: the Academy of Management and Administration – the largest non-public college in the region preparing students for business management, the State Medical College – educating healthcare personnel and the Faculty of Economics of Wrocław Banking College.

Other education institutions in the region include the Vocational College in Nysa (educating technical personnel and conservation specialists) and the College of Fine Arts and Economics in Brzeg.

In the Opolskie province there are 7 tertiary education institutions with a total of over 37 thousand students.

  • The Opolskie Province has 7 higher schools with over 37.000 students.
  • Opole University:
  • Opole University of Technology:
  • Academy of Management and Administration:
  • Faculty of Economics of Wrocław Banking College:
  • State Higher Vocational School:
  • Higher Humanistic-Economic School in Brzeg:
  • Public Medical Professional School in Opole:

Scientific institutes

Scientific institutes play an important role in development of the region: The Institute of Mineral Building Materialsconducts researches on new and developed products and technologies in the scope of mineral building materials. It also deals with implementation of fuel-power management, environment protection, certification, attests and advisory service.
‘Blachownia’ Institute of Heavy Mineral Synthesis in Kędzierzyn-Koźle conducts research on raw materials and semi-finished products processing for plastics and fibres industry.
The State Science Institute – Silesian Institute in Opolehas conducted interdisciplinary researches of Silesian society particularly the Opole Province for years.

  • Institute of Mineral Building Materials:
  • ‘Blachownia’ Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis:
  • State Science Institute – Silesian Institute:

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