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Opolskie Economic Development Centre 

Key objectives of the Centre:

  • ensuring economic development conditions
  • increasing the province’s economic competitiveness and innovativeness level
  • stimulating economic activity
  • initiating activities bolstering the region’s investment appeal
  • generating capital investment potential and improving processes of attracting and servicing external and internal investors
  • offering consultancy services and information about available support programmes, running business in Poland and other European Union countries
  • supporting initiatives to establish business environment institutions
  • creating labour market

Moreover, the Centre will in charge of implementing the Opolskie Regional Operational Programme in the years 2007- 2013, Priority 1: Increasing economic attractiveness of the region.

The Opolskie Economic Development Centre (OCRG) supervises the operation of the Opolskie Investor Assistance Centre which has an extensive database of investment sites in the region, which helps all the businesses and entities wishing to invest in the region.

“Silesia” Economic Chamber 
ul. Słowackiego 10 (floor II)
45-364 Opole
phone/fax” (+48) 077 453 84 83, 453 84 84

Opole Chamber of Commerce
ul. Krakowska 39
45-075 Opole
phone/fax: (+48) 077 441 76 68, 441 76 69

Self-government Association A4
ul. Piastowska 13
45-082 Opole
phone: (+48) 077 541 66 26
fax (+48) 077 541 66 21

Rheinland-Pfalz Office
ul. Reymonta 14
45-066 Opole
phone: (+48) 077 453 10 48
fax (+48) 077 451 32 11

Economic growth of the region is successfully stimulated also by the local government: the body which has already set up three offices representing the region outside its borders.

Objectives of Opolskie Information Office in Brussels:
Key objectives of the Opolskie Information Offi ce (BIWO) include cooperation with EU institutions, representing the province’s interests by lobbying for projects fi led by businesses from the region, promoting the area’s economic and tourist appeal, preparing EU regulations updates, organising internships, site visits, economic missions, supplying the region with information about tenders for community programmes and support in winning European partners.

Opolskie Information Office in Brussels
Av. De Tervuren 13 B, 1040 Bruxelles
phone: +32 2 732 732 1
fax. +32 2 732 732 4

Objectives of Opolskie Province Office in Warsaw:
Opolskie Province Offi ce (BWO) represents the region and provides information and promotion materials about it through active cooperation with central institutions, embassies, chambers of commerce, and businesses in Warsaw.
BWO promotes investment and economic growth of the region, facilitates cooperation between companies and arranges Opole businesses’ participation in promotion events, economic events, trade missions and fairs in Warsaw and abroad. Moreover, BWO supports local government and initiates new forms of the province’s cooperation with foreign partners.

Opolskie Province Office in Warsaw
ul. Chałubińskiego 8/41-52 (INTRACO II building)
00-613 Warszawa
phone: +22 830 13 19
fax. +22 830 13 18

Objectives of Economic Cooperation Office at Frankfurt-Hahn airport:
The Economic Cooperation Offi ce (BWG) with its registered offi ce in Frankfurt-Hahn was established based on the regional cooperation between the Opolskie Province and the Rhineland Palatinate. The offi ce represents the Opolskie province in Germany, actively seeks business partners in the Opolskie region, Rhineland Palatinate and other German lands, promotes the area’s economic potential and assists businesses interested in investing their capital in the province. It functions as an effi cient “information exchange line” between the Opolskie province and German states.

Economic Cooperation Office at Frankfurt-Hahn airport
Central and Eastern Europe Centre
Geb. 890, D-55483 Hahn-Flughafen, Germany
phone: +49 6543 509437
fax: +49 6543 509439

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